Performance and characteristics:
1. This machine can produce a one-time dust-proof non-woven strip cap of non-woven
material and plastic film material. It has the advantages of good quality, low price, high
output, saving labor, and reducing cost. It can be customized according to customers’
2. This machine is automatic. Automation of the whole process from feeding raw materials
to layered products to product counting. Ultrahigh power ultrasonic welding is used to fix
both ends of non-woven fabric and rubber band effectively. From feeding raw materials to
finished products, the whole process of automation, computer infinite speed regulation
operation is more flexible, the whole process only needs one staff member.
3. Frequency conversion control speed regulation.
4. Disposal of finished products directly.
5. Automatic constant temperature control.
6. The combination of ultrasonic fusion welding and electrothermal bonding makes the
product more comfortable.
7. Major parts are made of aluminum to make the machine lighter and cleaner.
Equipment and technology:
The equipment adopts ultrasonic heating mode, frequency conversion speed regulation,
and produces one-off dust-proof non-woven fabric strip cap of non-woven material and PE
plastic film material, which integrates the production from feeding material to finished
Production process:
Automatic feeding-importing-folding-welding-forming cutting
Two choices:
Our machine can produce two styles, one is an iron frame and the other is an aluminum frame.
(PLC touch screen is optional)
Main configuration:

Feeding deviceMechanical shaft1pcsChina
Adjust hemmingStainless steel2pcsChina
Traction rollPost-position1unitChina
Hemming deviceChina
Traction rollPre-position1unitChina
Control deviceSize length control1setChina
Cutting deviceDrum type1setChina
Gear box motor1.5KW1pcsChina
Frequency converter1.5KW1pcsChina
electrical equipmentSchneiderFrance