1. Split core design with low core loss and high precision;

2. No need to disconnect the busbar, it is easy to install and does not affect the normal use of electricity by customers.;

3. Beautiful appearance, small size and light weight;

4. Buckle opening and closing structure, easy to open and close 

Typical Application

 1. Features: General measurement and protection in power systems for mobility or space-constrained or uninterrupted power systems.

 2. use: Power instrumentation, electronic multi-function energy meter and on-site calibrator, instrumentation measurement and protection.

Electrical characteristics

 1. Device maximum voltage:720V

 2. Power frequency withstand voltage:4000V50Hz /1 min(1mA) 

3. Primary rated current:0-1000A 

4. Secondary rated current:5A  mA 

5. frequency:50/60Hz 

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