Scope of application

  CJ19 series switching capacitor contactor is suitable for AC 50Hz, rated working voltage to 400V, agreed heating current to 90A, for turning on and off shunt capacitor bank to improve circuit power factor . 


 1. CJ19 series switching capacitor contactor is a direct-acting double-breakpoint structure. The contact system is arranged in two layers. The upper layer has three pairs of pre-filled contacts and a matching resistor to form a surge inrush device. When it is closed, it is turned on for a few milliseconds, and then the working contact is turned on. The permanent magnet in the pre-filling contact is released under the reaction of the spring, and the resistance is disconnected to make the capacitor work normally. The internal circuit connection of the contactor is shown in the figure.  

 2. The contactors of 12, 18 and 20 Kvar have two pairs of auxiliary contacts, and the contactors of 30 Kvar have three pairs of auxiliary contacts.

 3. The contactor terminals are covered by an insulating cover and are safe and reliable. The coil terminals are labeled with voltage data to prevent misconnection. 12, 18, 20Kvar contactors can be installed with screws, or can be attached to the 35mm standard rail by the bottom slider. The mask has a removable rectangular white card that the user can use to print the project code.

The main technical parameters

  1. Contactor main technical data .

 2. Control coil voltage: 50Hz, 220V, 380V, can also be manufactured according to user requirements 

Shape and installation dimensions

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