Cylindrical self-healing low voltage shunt capacitor


Main use and scope of use

 DMKP cylindrical self-healing low-voltage shunt capacitor is used for power factor correction of 50Hz and 60Hz low-voltage power system equipment. It is suitable for conventional local compensation and centralized automatic compensation. It can reduce reactive power loss and improve voltage quality. It is highly recommended by the state. Energy-saving products. This product complies with the ticket: GB/T12747, IEC60831-1/2 

Working conditions

 Altitude : ≤2000m 

Ambient temperature category: temperature

category -25℃, maximum temperature class C (maximum temperature does not exceed 50℃, 24-hour temperature

average does not exceed 40℃, the average temperature within one year does not exceed 30℃). Capacitors

should be guaranteed to work in good ventilation.

 NOTE: After the capacitor is cut off from the power supply, it must be ensured that the residual voltage of the capacitor drops to 10% of the rated voltage before it is allowed to be re-input. Usually, this time is about 200 seconds, so the controller must use a controller with a forced delay after cutting. For the use of equipotential switching controllers, this is not limited. 


  •  Available in a cylindrical aluminum can .
  • Built-in pressure separation device and discharge resistor 
  • Self-healing high-quality metallized polypropylene film .
  •  The top of the capacitor is an anti-shock terminal block .
  •   The bottom of the capacitor is M12 or M16 mounting and grounding bolt .

The main technical parameters

  •  Rated voltage : 0.23KV,0.4KV,0.415KV,0.44KV,0.45KV,0.48KV,0.525KV ect  .
  •  Rated Capacity : 1-30KVAR 
  •  Capacitance tolerance : -5%~+10% 
  •  Loss tangent : tan≤0.1% 

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